Workshop – June 8, 2019

Join us for a 1-Day “Life Charging” Experience!


Connect to your inner perfection, with world renowned Life Coach Inez Bracy!

This Re-connection workshop is created to show you how to be emotionally free to embrace being who you know yourSELF to be. You will receive tips, strategies and hands-on exercises to help you gain the clarity and focus required to connect with the SELF you know you really are.






You CAN get better, be better and live better as the years go by. You CAN improve your health as you gain insight into how beautifully the tri-fold connections of mind, body and spirit respond to your inner intentions and the daily nutritional choices you make. Dr. Nalani will show you how.


Do you often feel out-of-sorts, almost as if you don’t know who you are?  Are you seeking for answers and afraid of what you might discover? Do you have dreams, hopes and desires that remain unfilled, and long for the energy to accomplish them? Do you long to transform your life by removing fear and embrace answers when they appear?

Dr. Nalani Valentine & Dr. Inez Bracy have partnered to bring you this workshop that answers your questions, help you embrace your transformation, and “Manifest ME now.”

Our time together is all about you being and becoming the person you know yourself to be…if you JUST had the tools.  Now this is the coolest part; we give you the tools and show you how to use them!

Using the tools, you will manifest your life your way!

Are you ready to stop waiting and live life on your own terms now?  

Then this workshop is for you!  Get ready for the transformation you desire.

It doesn’t matter where you are; using these tips will help you to confidently start on your path.  With the tips and experiential information we share, you gain the confidence to BELIEVE in your SELF.

Nalani and Inez are passionate about helping you revive your energy, overcome self-doubt, and know that you make supportive decisions to live your empowered life your way.

Attendees will participate in experiential activities that  help to change your way of thinking and being, and open the way for new ideas to flourish!

Breakfast and Lunch are included.

Live it NOW; you’ve dreamed about it, now you can do it!

Register now, space is limited.

Early Bird Specials – 

Now through May 1; for 1 – $80; Bring a friend – 2 for $140

May 1 – May 15; for 1 – $100, 2 for $180

Regular Pricing:

May 16 – March 25;  for 1 – $125, 2 for $240

June 2 -Registration is closed


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